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E-mail: jshaw.fx@gmail.com  Ph:(+61) 0 406 413 908
-Product Development
-Illustration & Design
-Materials Research
-Budget Consultation
-Script Breakdown
-HD/3D Effects Design
-Physical Effects
-Special Effects
-Element Effects
-Make-up Effects
-Mechanical Effects
-Practical Effects
-Pyrotechnic Effects
-Effects Design
-Prop Builder
-Breakaway + Stunt
-Effects Co-ordinator
-Effects Technician
-Standby Props
Award for Best Special Effects
(British Horror Film Festival 2010)
For the work on the film Needle
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Physical Effects Technician available world wide.

Jeremy Shaw is a highly creative and original Physical FX Specialist
and a qualified Pyrotechnician in WA, owning and operating the
Australian Physical Effects company, J Shaw FX.

J Shaw FX provides quality on-set effects and workshop servicers from
props and atmospheric effects (rain/fog/fire/snow) to design servicers
and mechanical fabrication with specialties in moulding and casting
materials for stunts, breakaway and doubles.

Jeremy has been responsible for setting up pyrotechnical displays and
effects within close proximity to actors and crew. After concluding
his apprenticeship in 2003 with Weta Workshop, Jeremy gained full time
employment on Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and King Kong followed
by work on The Chronicles of Narnia and The Legend of Zorro.

Recently, Jeremy has been responsible for special effects as a
freelance technician for independent productions within Australia and
overseas, working alongside companies such as Amalgamated Dynamic Inc
(ADI USA) and making the hero/stunt prop for the film based in Los

Locally, Jeremy was responsible for the construction of the main hero
and stunt props on feature film, Needle. His work was recognised and
awarded at the British Horror Film Festival, taking home the 2010
Award for Special Effects.

Now in partnership with Marr Street Studios as Physical FX Supervisor.

Equipped with a range of custom built effects equipment, Jeremy has
the facilities to create any effects required for your next production
big or small.

J Shaw FX contact details:
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